About Us

About BreaIT Solutions

BreaIT Solutions represents the Brea Information Technology Division in the City of Brea. The Division was established in 1987 and is comprised of the following programs: Administration, Internal Support, Software Development, Website Design and Development (including Intranets), External Support and GIS Support. BreaIT is able to draw on the resources of all programs to meet their clients’ needs. BreaIT Solutions enjoys the full support and resources of the City of Brea.

Brea provides an excellent portfolio of responsive municipal services. The City operates as a “full-service city,” providing a full range of services including police and fire protection, water and sanitation services, construction and maintenance of streets and infrastructure, and recreational and cultural services. Besides serving its own residential and business customers, Brea has a tradition of entrepreneurial ventures providing service to numerous other public agencies such as police, recreation, information technology, street maintenance, printing and communications and marketing services.

The Solutions Team consists of individuals with substantial education, training and experience in the technology field. Team members have a broad range of experience in public and private-sector work. The Team is fully capable of producing the volume and scope of work requested in a cost effective manner. BreaIT Solutions will provide a variety of skills and experience levels. You will also benefit from the full extent of the IT staff talent pool. BreaIT is skilled in all aspects of IT services whether it’s troubleshooting, network disaster recovery, customized programming projects or GIS.

Mission Statement

The primary objective of BreaIT is to meet the ever-changing Information Technology (IT) needs of our clients by providing quality technology services and maximizing productivity, while maintaining cost-effective practices.