About BreaIT GIS

BreaIT is dedicated to mapping the best solutions for our client’s GIS needs. In a rapidly expanding range of geospatial tools, we are able to assess your needs, determine your scope of work and anticipate your future goals. Our focus and expertise is unique, as we provide support in the following areas: Non-Profit, Local, County and State Project Management Data Development Needs Assessment Software Systems Implementation Training and operations support to increase effectiveness and efficiency

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BreaIT GIS Services

  •  GIS Consulting We provide GIS support for the following services: Data Assessment, GIS Project Management, Feasibility Study, Strategic Planning, Operations Management, Develop a Workflow Strategy.
  •  GIS Data Development We provide GIS data support for the following: Geodatabase Design, Convert paper maps to GIS data layer, Assess your GIS data inventory and provide data maintenance, and Data Integration—linking data from multiple systems.
  •  GIS For Local Governments We offer municipalities a good return on investment by supporting department-specific applications.
  •  GIS For School Districts The integration of GIS allows school officials and the public access to important information regarding: Bus Routes, Schedules, Events and News School Locations, Population Forecasts, and District Boundary Lines.
  •  GIS For Traffic Engineering GIS improves roadway management and traffic flow by helping you analyze traffic circulation, parking, signage, striping, road closures and traffic control. GIS also assists you in providing input to roadway planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance. Use GIS to better manage: Traffic Flow, Striping Design, Dispatching, Sign Inventory, Signals and Traffic Control, Work Zone Safety, and One-Call (Call before you dig).

Coming Soon ArcGIS 10

The GIS world is in anticipation of the arrival of ArcGIS 10. The new version of ESRI’s GIS suite has been discussed as the largest revision since the premiere of ArcGIS 8. The City of Brea has signed up for the unreleased ArcGIS 10 BETA program to get accustomed to these major changes. Here are a few of the new features we have had the opportunity to discover in our first weeks with the Pre-Release of ArcMap 10.

The editing functions in ArcMap 10 have changed significantly. Before, there was always a risk of damage and change to other GIS layers while working on another simultaneously. The major predicament was the selection of multiple layers. A selection checkbox window was available to choose data layers that could be worked on. New functions allow for a single step to ensure there is only one selectable layer.

Input of attributes is easier, as now there are automatic field domains. This is available when a map legend is specified on the table of contents. In Figure 1, the Status field input for this point feature can be updated by clicking the Choose Symbol Class (...) button. Another window appears showing the various domain choices given according to the table of contents and symbology. Also, as part of this functionality, date fields have been updated and are easier to use. The calendar in Figure 2 operates more smoothly in ArcMap 10. Typing entries has become a bit less tedious. The field change can sometimes be just a point and click. Another small selection feature is the selection lasso (Fig. 3) which can speed up specific selection interests by tracing a line around the desired items.

Changes and advances are always going to impact the information technology industry. GIS is about to benefit from these newest ideas. There are many more changes in ArcMap 10. While these are but a few, more will be discussed in the future to help improve your workload.